PY.34 / PR.104

PY.34 / PR.104

   Safe Handling of PY.34 & PR.104 Pigments

  Chrome Yellow (PY.34) and Molybdate Orange (PR.104) can only be used for Industrial and Professional applications.
They must not be used for • Decorative / Household / Residential Coatings • Children’s articles including toys, paints, jewelry and equipment • Consumer products Printing inks for consumer products • Food and food packaging • Drugs and medical devices • Ceramics and glassware • Cosmetics and tattoos

Featured Products

DCC Yellow 2100

DCC Yellow 2100 This green shade yellow bismuth vanadate pigment can be used universally in the high-end coatings market, making it a superior choice compared with competitive grades. Downstream customers will be pleased with its eco-label compliancy (zinc-free).

DCC Orange 7336

DCC Orange 7336 DCC® Orange 7336 is a high-performance orange organic pigment with excellent weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance, and dispersibility. This product is well suited for waterborne and solventborne coatings applications where rheological stability is paramount.