Core Ideology

Our Vision is to provide Colour to the World
with a reputation for Consistent Quality Excellence



Our Purpose is to fulfill the needs of our Customers, and to thereby create Opportunities
for Employees, our Owner, the Community and other Stakeholders to Prosper



We Treat and Respond to one another with Honesty, Integrity, Dignity and Respect

We Strive to Excel in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our Customers, both Internal and External

We Expect and Support Quality and Excellence in Everything We Do

We Expect and Support Safety and Protection of the Environment

We Practice Open Lines of Communication and Respect one another's Point of View

Featured Products

DCC Yellow 2100

DCC Yellow 2100 This green shade yellow bismuth vanadate pigment can be used universally in the high-end coatings market, making it a superior choice compared with competitive grades. Downstream customers will be pleased with its eco-label compliancy (zinc-free).

DCC Orange 7336

DCC Orange 7336 DCC® Orange 7336 is a high-performance orange organic pigment with excellent weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance, and dispersibility. This product is well suited for waterborne and solventborne coatings applications where rheological stability is paramount.