DCC® Blue A2RU is part of a new generation of Indanthrone Blue pigments from DCC®, which can be used universally in both waterborne and solventborne high performance coatings systems and specialty ink applications such as pool liners, laminates, cell phone coating, etc. where chemical resistance to bleaches & other reagents is required.

DCC Orange 7336

DCC® Orange 7336 is a high performance blue shade orange pigment for use in high-end coatings applications. It has improved viscosity stability in both solvent and water-borne coatings systems. It can be used in all coatings systems, but is recommended for the highest end coatings applications where excellent weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance, rheology stability & dispersibility are required. DCC® Orange 7336 is heavy metal free and Diarylide free, and can be used as an alternative for Molybdate Orange.



PDFGemini Dispersions Ltd and London Inkjet Ltd Announce Merger

Gemini Dispersions Ltd. (GDL) and London inkjet Ltd. (LIJ) are pleased to announce that LIJ is merging with GDL effective 1 April 2017. MORE


PDFDominion Colour Corporation Welcomes New Senior Leadership Team Members

Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC) recently welcomed two additions to its senior management team, Probyn Forbes joins the company as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Peter Baggen as Vice President of Sales. MORE



European Coatings Show 2017



PDFH.I.G. Capital to invest in Dominion Colour Corporation

Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC) is pleased to announce a significant equity investment by affiliates of H.I.G. Capital in privately-owned DCC. MORE

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Based near Manchester, UK - Gemini develops and supplies aqueous & solvent based pigment dispersions, as well as plasticizer and polyol dispersions. Gemini also provides a range of product development and toll manufacturing services to the paint, ink and paper industries.